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. it establishes european parliamentary system. six suicide bombers stormed a u.s. aid compound in northern afghanistan early today. at least four other people were killed. none of them americans. two were wounded. the taliban claimed responsibility. meantime, general petraeus arrived in kabul. he is taking over u.s. and nato operations in afghanistan, following the resignation of general stanley mcchrystal last week. media reports say iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad wants to ban signature western products such as coca-cola. in retaliation for new sanctions against his nuclear program. chief washington correspondent jim angle looks at the latest effort to put the squeeze on iran. >> reporter: president obama now signed a bipartisan bill passed by congress to tighten sanctions on iran in hopes to deter the nuclear program. >> there should be no doubt the united states and the international community are determined to prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. >> the u.s. action follows u.n. security council passage of additional sanctions in early june and the u.s. sanctions build on
, they got it now. several key economic indicators now show that the tough times for the u.s. economy may not be over. item, u.s. consumer confidence down falling by nearly 10 points from last month. big drop. item, u.s. employment down. weekly jobless claims rose by over 10,000. item, u.s. home sales down. previously occupied homes sales fell to the lowest level on record. item, u.s. stock market down. now below 10,000. >>> some analysts see the troubling news as an omen, a double-dip recession. namely, a recession defined by a period without economic growth followed by a period with economic growth followed by a period without economic growth. a recession with a le dip or even worse, another depression. >> question, are we headed for a double dip recession or will for a double dip. it's hard to do a dip when the fed is so loose. what is interesting about this, john, the economy over the last year, you average it out, growing 3 or 4 percent. productivity is looking good. what we would have is a big government recovery. you have businesses battening down, afraid to hire and put people on
and getting a lay of the land. following that, he wept to the u.s. embassy for fourth of july celebrations a day before the actual american independence day. that's where he and u.s. ambassador, karl eikenberry welcomed and greeted several hundred dignitaries. he spoke to the crowd and said a united front must be met to have success in the war in afghanistan. >> i'm reminded that this is an effort in which we must achieve unity of effort and common purpose. civilian and military, afghan and international, we are part of one theme with one mission. in this important endeavor, cooperation is not optional. this is a tough mission. there is nothing easy about it. >> following the embassy event, general petraeus met with his top commanders here on the ground in afghanistan to assess the situation. his most important meeting of the day is that with the afghan president, hamid karzai. he needs to build a very strong relationship to show a unite td front between the nato coalition and the afghan government. president karzai had a very strong relationship with the former top commander, general stan
of mexico. >>> all right. this fourth of july holiday weekend, a surprise for u.s. troops in iraq. a visit from vice president joe biden and his wife jill. the couple's visit comes as american troops are scheduled to draw down in iraq late next month. here's more from baghdad. >> reporter: it was especially surprising that vice president biden was accompanied by his wife, jill biden. the two will be spending the fourth of july with the troops attending a number of events. vice president biden will be meeting with senior iraqi government officials as well as the political leadership here. iraq has been in a state of political chaos, deadlocked since the march inconclusive elections, unable to form a new government. this is causing some concern as the political vacuum created could be manipulate bid insurgents trying to regain their foothold. mrs. biden will be meeting with the troops as well as civilian embassy officials and she's going to be conducting a roundtable with iraqi women who teach english. there is also a delegation of u.s. senators made up of mccain, lieberman and graham. they
undercover russian agents and would it could many for u.s.- russia relateses. later john hall discusses how florida is dealing with a $6 billion budget shortfall. wurenl is next. dd >> on this fourth of july weekend there is a 9.5% unemployment rate members of congress are returning home to. one headline says this will be big electoral implications for members of congress. and as far as budgets go, lots of towns around the country not doing fireworks this weekend. antioch, california, louisville, jersey city. they say they just don't have enough money to celebrate with fireworks this independence day. general david petraeus takes over in afghanistan officially tomorrow at a ceremony and the head of the republican national committee michael steele back here in the u.s. is backtracking after some remarks he made about afghanistan. both parties are after him this morning and we want to ask you this question -- should michael steele of the r.n.c. resign? some are suggesting that openly. here are the numbers. this michael steele story is all over the place this morning. "washington
of a vacuum after this country's inconclusive march elections. the u.s. would like to see a government seated before that drawdown completes itself by the end of august. the u.s., of course, as we remember, drawing down to 50,000 troops. that is not a critical factor. i have been hearing repeatedly from the u.s. military, from senior administration officials, that unless something catastrophic takes place, that drawdown will stay on course. what we are seeing in iraq these days aside from the political bickering that is taking place is that drawdown happening in the complete and total intensity. it is overwhelming when you look at it. we are talking about the u.s. moving millions of pieces of equipment, hundreds of bases shutting down across the country. all of this very critical, being closely watched by rocky officials. there are wide sfrspread concer amongst the population. >> what we are seeing on dr. biden, she is not just there to shake hands and stand by her husband's side. she has a schedule of her own while she is there? >> that's right, she does. we are hearing that she is also goin
>> a u.s. marine headed to afghanistan gunned down near baltimore's block. >> this is a heinous senseless3 murder of a hero. >> what he was doing minutes before he was shot. and how police are trying to track down his killer. >> a deadly rag race in maryland. two years ago. why police say it could happen again this week, at almost the same spot. %-wave.ready for another heat how temperaturee will rise vee the weekend and how long it will be before we get some rain, inú the sky watch forecast. >> and living to a 100. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is ú%x 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. the u.s. mariie set to return to afghanistan, is shot and killed. aad inside of a baltimore city nightclub. >> myranda stephens standing by3 live downtown with more on how his plans tooo a tragic turn. myranda? >>>ell, jeff and karen, by all accounts, chase love was a marine ready for war. but instead of returniin to afghanistan, he died in a battle ú% a different kind. inside of thii baltimore lounge. >> custooer came and said
the headlines right now, vice president joe biden and his wife are spending the holiday weekend with u.s. troops in iraq. he'll also meet with iraqi leaders. >>> and general david petraeus is on the job as the new u.s. commander in afghanistan. he deliver add speech at the u.s. embassy in kabul today and then met with afghan president hamid karzai. >>> and building up america starts right now, tom foreman takes a closer look at innovative ways people and communities are coping in these tough economic times. >> the great wide west was the land of opportunity for pioneers and it still is. folks here are hearing the creeks and rumbles in the economy as much as anyone else. but they're also moving ahead despite all that. through technology, the arts, agriculture and so much more, building up america in their own western way. welcome on board the cnn express rolling through the land of enchantment. i'm tom foreman. new mexico is geographically a vast state. in terms of its economy, not so much. it's quite small compared to some of its powerful neighbors. there are only about 2 million people living h
. in afghanistan, the new u.s. commander, general david petraeus is on the ground and getting right to work. in iraq, a fourth of july weekend surprise for u.s. troops. vice president joe biden and his wife are in baghdad in an unannounced visit. we'll have a live report in just about a minute from now. >>> but first t latest on the gulf oil disaster. bad news for south florida. a few government report warns that there is a good chance that bp's spilled oil will reach south florida within 20 miles of the beaches there in the florida keys, miami and ft. lauderdale in the next few months. and one more loss to report in the gulf. tourism dollars. cnn's reynolds wolf is in gulf shores, alabama. there are a have you stragglers on the beach. but hardly anyone would want to get into the water. how is this hurting this coastal community? >> reporter: a lot of people, one of the first things they want to do is head out in that water which is usually a beautiful aquamarine. but unfortunately, they can't do that. let's be honest about this, the situation could be like this, virtually empty. but instea
, but that equals higher interest rates, and will equal higher inflation and weak u.s. dollar and that will be the recipe for a double dip recession in my mind. >> adam, i know that you have been somewhat of a fan of spending and feels like desperation in and around the obama camp, will they be able to get it through? >> well, i don't know, charles, i don't know if it is desperation, it is certainly frustration, you know and i did not get my college degree in economics, i also didn't get it at a baking school. i understand why he got a little bit upset, that is not neil's normal fare, but, look, the most important point here, i don't know if it is this right time for more spending, it's not the time for austerity, at least the guy -- his position is intellectually defensible. >> it is. >> need to be sure -- yes. we need to make sure we don't do what happened in the depression. cut off the spending, at the wrong time, and, send things going down again, that is what he's saying, i don't know if he's right but it is not crazy to say that. >> i have to tell you, i can see the unio
of the global security challenges right now. the war in afghanistan -- from the u.s. perspective, is it w winnable? >> if it becomes a home game -- let me explain that. most people think america had great success with the surge in iraq. that's true. but it's important not to forget why the surge worked. we concentrated resources in an area where we had the ability to impact and increase security. we did it in the aftermath of the local sunni leaders turning radically against the al qaeda in iraq because they overplayed their hand and they decapitated tribal leaders who didn't agree with them on things like putting women in boxes and hiding away in life. so our surge became the home team. the reason every counterinsurgency failed in world war ii except what they did in malaysia where they were chinese, not melees, they stayed 14 years, is that it's still an away game. and look at the debate. if you -- if you listed any of the talk shows today, the problem with an away game is you can always go home. and they don't have any other place to go. so i don't care how much bigger your forces are,
nothing. >> i believe [unintelligible] >> a u.s. embassy spokesman denied rumors the russian was at the u.s. embassy. hillary clinton had no comment. >> we are committed to building a new and positive relationship with russia wherever we can. the judge agreed with the government. a third suspect from arlington was denied bond and will stay behind bars until they go before the judge. if they were not behind bars they could easily leave the country. they would have to get to the russian consulate. >>> republican bob ehrlich has declared his candidacy to become maryland's governor. he took a leave of absence from the baltimore law firm he has been working. he filed a financial disclosure form as required at the ethics commission. he is expected to face martin o'malley in a rematch from 2006. >>> his former lt. gov. michael steele is in during calls to resign over comments he made about president obama's handling of the war in afghanistan. >> this is not something the u.s. has actively prosecuted. >> eight chairmen3 comments thursday during a fund- raiser in connecticut -- the chairman made tho
biden in iraq. a show of support for u.s. troops this holiday weekend, but is there another mission at hand? we're live in baghdad. >> plus, feeling the heat. the head of the republican national committee under increasing pressure from within his own party to step down. all over his recent comments about the war in afghanistan. >> so what is next for michael steele? can he survive another scandal? >> new developments on day 75 of the national skavt in the gulf. tonight, growing fears the oil spill is now moving farther east. so, we'll show you where it's headed now and is there any hope of it slowing down. >>> first off, joe biden in iraq for independence day weekend. unannounced visit to baghdad perhaps a duel mission. the vp and his wife are celebrating 4th of july with troops. but it's also a sign that they are stepping up support for the emergency democracy. the newly elected parliament is expected to meet for the second time since the march 7th vote but even so some analysts political gridlock could be set. tens of thousands of troops are set to leave in august. partial withdra
has more on the sputtering economic picture. >> reporter: the fact that u.s. businesses added only 83,000 jobs in june is a sign experts say the economy isn't recovering nearly fast enough. this comes after plummeting home sales in may, down 30%. auto sales are down 4.7%. factory orders fell 1.4%. the first drop after nine months of improvement. still, washington is at odds over how best to tackle the nation's financial woes. president obama believes more stimulus is needed to keep the sluggish economic recovery going. today he scolded republicans for failing to extend unemployment benefits before the fourth of july recess. >> republican leaders in washington just don't get it. >> reporter: but government stimulus increases the deficit, and republicans wanted to see how the benefits would be paid for before they passed them. >> we can't support job-killing taxes and adding tens of billions to the already unsustainable national debt. >> reporter: some economist argue spending is the only way to fully emerge from the recession. >> most people i know work for money, so you have to put th
of july with the u.s. troops and meet with political leaders in area. i'll brian wilson, the america's news headquarters live from nation's capitol starts now with david piper live in baghdad with the latest on the vice president arrival. hello, david. >> reporter: hi, brian. yes, vice president biden's trip is planned to be staged in the fourth of july celebration. at the same time, it does seem at this time he has to come here, because it's a crucial time for the election. the problem with the lack of election in march is we had no government form. at this time, straight to meeting with the iraqi leaders to sort out this problem. >> brian: is security better there for the vice president now? are we in a situation it's not as dangerous as it has been in the past? >> reporter: of course, he will be inside a bubble of protection from the security forces. outside the green zone where he will meet the leaders, it's dangerous. we have attack on security forces and anyone that is linked to on the government at this time. for the moment, the violence is spiking up because of the political
on camera, at a fund-raiser saying the u.s. was on the wrong side of history in the conflict with afghanistan. and the head of the republican national committee also saying the war was president obama's choosing, molly henneberg reporting live from our washington bureau, they are calling for him, huh? >> reporter: michael steele sent out an e-mail to some republican supporters and in part because he says it is important to, quote, clarify his remarks, about afghanistan. but, bill kristol, a conservative, and the editor of the weekly standard, has said steele should resign. and, now, liz cheney, daughter of the former vice president, and chairman of "keep america safe" said the chairman of the republican party must be unwavering in his support for american victory in the war on terror. a victory that cannot be accomplished if we do not prevail in afghanistan. it is time for chairman steele to step down. this follows steele's comments at a private connecticut fund-raiser that we're captured on camera and he said the war in afghanistan was, quote, a war of obama's choosing. and,
biden had meeting with chris hill and also 9 top u.s. military commander in here in iraq. he will be meeting over the next couple of days the major iraqi political leaders because there does seem to be deadlock here over creating a new government. he is the point man on iraq for the obama administration that he will be trying to push them in the right direction, gregg. >> gregg: there does appear to be a sort of a political stalemate that is ongoing there. any end in sight to that? >> reporter: gregg, we have two major blocks in the parliament with nobody being able to control it. unless there is some give and take, there doesn't seem to be any real chance of that happening. it's very important as we know because the u.s. military is drawing down troops to 50,000 by the end of august. they've got over 70,000 at the moment. with this uncertainty and ongoing violence against iraqi security forces, it's very unsettled here, gregg. >> gregg: david, this is still a war zone. yet the vice president brought with him his wife. is this is the first time that that has happened? >> repo
early yesterday. one of the dead identified as a man with dual u.s. and colombian citizenship. police say they believe the shooting was drug related. they are looking for two gunmen. >>> we'll turn to afghanistan now where there is a new man on the job. that new man david petraeus just approved by the senate this week already in afghanistan and on the job replacing general stanley mcchrystal who was in charge but resigned last week in the wake of the whole magazine article flip. we go to kabul. hello to you once again. the general is on the job now, back in afghanistan, so what is his message? i know he's meeting with some of the troops on this 4th of july weekend. what message is he bringing on his first couple of days back on the job? >> reporter: well, hi, t.j. it is the first day on the job for general david patraeus as the top nato commander here in afghanistan. his day started out as any top nato commander's would. he went to the morning briefing, a daily briefing, and a nato spokesperson said he was actively engaged, asking questions, trying to get a lay of the land. that follo
. he joined u.s. diplomats at the american embassy in kabul, marking the fourth of july. top commander in the region leading force there's. the same general petraeus arrived though with militants attacked a u.s. aide agency killing 5 people, another 20 were wounded. >>> it continues as it has been continue for some time now. 75 days. another live puck chur. this is still up. and the oil is still flowing. day 75 of this oil disaster. what is happening today? scientists are meeting with the epa to talk about the chemical dispersants. a lot of controversy. they're supposed to help break up the oil but some concern about how it might affect marine life. they're going to study these more. the first study showed the chemicals alone don't impact marine life. researchers still estimating between 35 and 60,000 barrels of oil have been gushing into the gulf every single day since april 20th. hurricane alex, well, hurricanes, tropical storm, but alex, the storm, still having an impact even though it's kind of gone away from the gulf at least, the clean-up efforts. it's a problem. the reason it's
earlier this week has now fled the island nation after he was released on bail. in these court documents u.s. prosecutors say michael zatoli admits his real name and patricia mills gave her name. prosecutors say an intercepted message from the successor to russia's kgb spells out the spice' mission. the only goal and tank of our service and all of all of us is security of our country only for reaching this goal you are dispatched to u.s., settle down there, gain legal status and were expected to striking up useful qain assistances broaden -- acquaintances broadening your circle of connections. the feds say they ended their year's long investigation this week because suspected spy anna chapman, the enter knit sensation was about to leave the u.s. they say natalia is asking that her two children now staying with a friend be sent to russia to live with family. bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> the virginia three were ordered back to court for preliminary hearings next wednesday. federal prosecutors say they expect the grand jury in new york to hand down indictments in the coming days. >>> controversi
weekend. across the u.s., preparations underway for huge celebrations and scorching temperatures. those details all ahead. >>> mountain mystery, a climber vanishes in thin air 14,000 feet up. he left some traces. is it enough for searchers to track? >>> inside the spy case, new documents show how long u.s. investigators were on the trail of the alleged russian spies. and the ex-husband of one suspect is talking. >>> under fire, calls for the head of gop to resign calling from inside his own party. what michael steele has said about afghanistan and why it has generated so much anger. >>> good morning, everyone, i'm alex whit, we have all that in just a moment for you. but first, we are beginning with strong new words this morning from president obama as the sputtering economic recovery struggles to find new jobs. the latest data on friday shows overall unemployment dropped to 9.5%. but private employers added only 83,000 jobs last month. the president used his weekly address to step up pressure on republicans who are blocking unemployment benefits over concerns about spending. >> well, a
. jill biden. both of them there to visit u.s. troops for the fourth of july weekend. it so happens they're also -- there are key members of congress visiting both iraq and afghanistan this weekend. he's going to be meeting with them, obviously. he's going to be meeting with the leaders of iraq and the prime minister. all of this ahead of the scheduled troop drawdown. everything going relatively well and on schedule as far as the u.s. military drawdown is concerned. continuing a pace, he's -- he is. there we don't know how many days and a lot of these events, they keep it hush-hush, alex. there is a press contingent traveling with him. but they're swarn to secrecy until he arrives in country. they don't give us details about who he's meeting with and when he's meeting with them and in particular where he's meeting with them. the security situation while improved over the last couple of years is still not to the point where they can go out with trumpets blaring and tell us all these things ahead of imtime. but at any rate, vice president biden there with dr. jill biden meeting iraqi offic
. that was followed by a trip to the embassy. he actually stood side-by-side with the u.s. ambassador shaking hands and greeting 1700 dignitaries whether they be afghan, americans or internationals. he said that unity is key when it comes to winning the war in afghanistan. >> i'm reminded that this is an effort in which we must achieve unity of effort and common purpose. civilian and military afghan and international, we are part of one team, with one mission. in this important endeavor, cooperation is not optional. this is a tough mission, there is nothing easy about it. >> reporter: general petraeus was said to have detailed discussions with keoy officials including commanders on the ground here. he met with the president of afghanistan and that will be key in showing unity between the afghan government, the forces and the international community. that is something that general stanley mccrystal spent a year working on. and now it is general petraeus' turn to do the same. >> thank you so much for that update coming from kabul. >>> all right argentina suffered a painful loss at the world cup. and
economy, nothing is big as the u.s., but something more like the u.s.? no reason it couldn't scale. e-mac is right. you have to force people to save and save them in a safe investment. they will choose to do that because pay-out are higher than the 12 grand a year on average. the other issue, earlier in week, the president gave a very dull, uninspired talk on immigration reform. on one matter he is right. if we are going to solve the social security problem in the united states we need more people, which means we have to fast track a path to legal immigration in this country. >> david: victoria, go ahead. >> that's true. my concern is if we don't question the fundamental idea of social security in this country, the tax is going to go up. that is going to dampen the economy in the long run. >> david: the problem with the social security, it's turned into a welfare problem. that is the problem. >> no reserves are set aside for it. so current generation, money and wealth in the nation to pay the benefit but for younger people if the monies go into even fixed income securities, not only w
're accused of living in the u.s. under fake names while operating as russian spies. now prosecutors say two more suspects have confessed to being russian nationals. prosecutors say the couple had two safe deposit boxes, one with $80,000 cash. the other containing $20,000 and fake passports. >> i think the evidence is pretty sound. of course we have to realize that at this point in the case, all that they're doing is putting together enough to show probable cause. so the information that we have so far is certainly not all the information that doj has at that point. >> reporter: we're also learning more about accused spy anna chapman, a woman who lived the high life in new york city. her british ex-husband says he's not surprised by their arrest and their marriage went south when she started having secret meetings with russian friends. >> we certainly don't have all the information but all we know so far is she had some money and some things that people don't normally have. >> reporter: meanwhile the man suspected of funneling money to the spy ring has disappeared from cypress. christopher m
phone and her purse were takennafter she was struck. dandrige remains in the hospital this evening. >> u.s. marine set to return to afghanistan is gunnedddown inside of a baltimore city nightclub. myranda stephens is live downtown with why a night of celebration, turned into tragedy. hello myranda stephens? >> hi kaaen. here outside of the queenns hookah bar near theearea commonly known as the block. it remains closed tonight, afte3 a early morning shooting, left a u.s. marine dead. police say 26-year-old ccase love of new orleans was inside of the after hours lounge with fellow marines, celebrating their redeployment too3 but around 3:15 this morning, police say love got in a fight and was shot in the chest. >> we need people to get outraged. this is a war veteran. someone reeurning to afghanistan for a second tour of duty to serve the country. aad gunned down for no gooo reason at all. >> it is so sad. he had to die here. %-and he dies.ave good time. >> now, police arr talking to witnesses, but so far, have not ú%med any suspects, or a clear motive. we're live in downtown baltimore my
a ahead. the private sector added just 83,000 jobs last month. overall the u.s. lost 125,000 jobs in june as temporary government census workers departed. the unemployment rate declined to 9.5% in june from 9.7% the previous month. but the number of people outside the labor force who are neither working nor look for work rose to 800,000. unemployment claims also rose by 13,000 to 472,000. earlier today president obama spoke about the challenges ahead. >> all told by economy has created nearly 600,000 private sector jobs this year. it is a stark turn around from the first six months of last year when we lost 3.7 million jobs in the height of the recession. make no mistake, we are headed in the right direction but as i was reminded on a troip racine, wisconsin, earlier this week, we're not headed there fast enough for a lot of americans. we're not headed there fast enough for me either. we continue to fight headwinds of global markets. we still have a great deal of work to do to repair the economy and get the american people back to work. >> rose: joining me now is paul krugman, a nobel pri
. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. this trip comes at a critical time. the u.s. has promised to end its combat mission in iraq by august 31st. and draw down troops to 50,000. iraq has still not created a permanent government four months after it held elections. on this visit, biden brought his wife jill to help celebrate independence day with the troops. their son was deployed here in 2008 and 2009. she wants to focus on the challenges facing military families. as the vice president arrived, he got filled in by senators mccain, lieberman and grant who are winding up their visit to iraq. biden was briefed by general ode narrow. >> i remain optimistic about a government being formed here that will be representative of all the major pafrties. >> reporter: tonight senior officials traveling with the vice president say the u.s. is still on track to end its combat mission by the end of the summer and draw down troops. even if iraq still only has a care taker government. lester? >> nbc's andrea mitchell in baghdad, thanks. >>> to richard engel in afghanistan where the new m
a u.s. commander is preparing to take on his new role. tomorrow morning general david petraeus will take over what many are calling command of america's longest war. he, of course, is replacing general stanley mcchrystal in afghanistan who made the comments in "rolling stone" that got him fired. tonight we've learned of new rules from the defense department for the military when it comes to interacting with the media and get to all of it beginning with martha raddatz who is in afghanistan again tonight for us. >> reporter: david, general petraeus does not officially take command until tomorrow, but it is already clear he is very much in charge here. today, before an audience of 1,700 americans, afghans and international partners gathered to celebrate july 4th, david petraeus stressed the importance of unity. >> this is a tough mission. there is nothing easy about it. but working together, we can achieve progress, and we can achieve our mutual objectives. >> reporter: but for petraeus, unity starts with his relationship with u.s. ambassador karl eikenberry. eikenberry is petraeu
a judge on wednesday. >>> the taliban is claiming responsibility for a predawn suicide atalk on a u.s. compound in northern afghanistan. officials say six suicide bombers stormed compound killing at least four people and wounding dozens of others. in pakistan, security cameras captured two suicide bombers just as they set off explosions at a popular shrine. 42 people were killed there. 180 wounded. >> there was chaos everywhere. no one was there to help. everyone was running to save their own lives. >> the brazen attacks came on the same day that general david petraeus lands in the afghanistan capital to take command of the nearly 9-year- old war. >>> on the home front. the battle against the recession. new unemployment numbers suggest we are barely holding the line. 83,000 jobs were added but only half of what the economy needs just to keep the pace with population groat. more than 14 million americans are unemployed. 650,000 have actually given up and have stopped looking for work right now. >>> well, are you setting off fireworks this weekend? don't let what happened to a centervil
revealed new information about an alleged spy ring operating in the u.s. >>> it will be a subdued fourth of july on the gulf coast as holiday traffic is down 0%. >> enjoy your saturday because sunday's going to be cooking. >>> new helmet cam video shows how dangerous the frontlines in afghanistan can be for the soldiers. this video obtained by london's sun newspaper shows a british soldier being hit by taliban gunfire. he survived and after a few stitches he was back on patrol just a few hours later. but that soldier's company has lost nine members. another 12 seriously injured in the past five weeks alone. nato says 325 soldiers have been killed in the war in afghanistan this year. >>> the new american leader of the war in afghanistan an rbied in ta country today. the plane carrying general david petraeus landed at the airport in kabul. the general's an rival was not open to the media but the department of defense released video afterward. he was accompanied by the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan carl eikenberry and a senior civilian official from nato. the general is assuming command of
that the u.s. will stay in afghanistan as long as it takes. >>> good day 75 of the gulf spoil. it will reach the floridacos and miami in the months ahead. a now report boit oceanic and atmospheric shows 80 percent chance that the oil pill will roach 20 moils in the weather tar balls. hundreds of skimming boats returned to the waters after the first hurricane of the season forced the clean up operations to stop. three suspected members of a russian spy ring remain behind ball. 10 minute busted in the suburbs of america accused of spying for the russian government. yesterday the virginia couple admitted to being russian citizens. they are pleading to have their children to be sent back to russia. >> happens gathered to pay tribute to senator robert byrd. longest serving senator in history. president obama remembered the late senator as a noble and unconventional man. >> the . like our nation itself . robert byrd possessed the american quality. that is a capacity to change. a capacity to learn and capacity to listen. >> senator byrd will be laid to rest on tuesday in arlington, virginia. those
roundtable discussion in ocean city with local business owners, representatives of the u.s. coast guard, and maryland environmental experts. >> it's very unlikely that maryland will see impacts from the gulf oil spill. nevertheless, we are monitoring it very carefully. >> reporter: shawn harman owns fishtail, a restaurant on the water. >> our seafood comes mostly locally, but we do have people that supply from the gulf. we make sure that we purchase with a paper trail so we can assure safety and the safety of our food. >> reporter: there are plenty of people on the boardwalk and on the beach. and the oil spill in the gulf seems a long way off to them. the message here is that the 3 million tourists expected to visit ocean city over the course of the summer can expect clean beaches and safe seafood. chris gordon, news 4. >> now, one expert tells us the odds of the oil from the gulf reaching the carolinas is about 1 in 500. >>> now we take a look, a special look, inside the dover air force base and how the fallen come home from war. these are ceremonies that no family wants to attend, but
hundreds of people dead. u.s. officials say a tanker truck filled with fuel overturned on a busy road then burst into flames. more than 200 people are dead including a number of children who had been watching the world cup in houses nearby. red cross officials say another 200 people are injured. >>> back here in the u.s., fire sneaks through a historic warehouse in north carolina but destroys more than just a building. the ft. bragg warehouse burned down holding all of the stuff for the band. this time they will use borrowed instruments from a local high school. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> another independence day celebration in california comes to an abrupt stop after a fireworks display upsets the local wildlife. >> we had approximately 5,000 to 7,000 people watching the show tonight. the people in the grandstands area and the loud noise of the fireworks must have disturbed some bees, and they stung approximately 100 people. >> medics treated several people at the scene. some had been stung several times. no one was seriously injured. >>> and as people acros
has enemy down the road chinasm they say it is a sham and derailing improvements in russian and u.s. relations . >> that's false. you have a foreign affairs and russian security expert come on fox news and there are the same number of spies from russia in the united states as there was during the cold war. and other countries, too, it begs the question. how many other countries have spies in this country and spying on us. >> all countries. >>> and it is people using invisible ink and code. why didn't they leave them there and spy on them. >> the media and terrible troubles and constant request for money and couldn't get expensive technology to work . it doesn't get better than this . >> you have covered serious spy stories in the middle east. it could be a deadly business . russians killed all over europe and in london. and i do happening that obviously it is embarrassing for the president . only one newspaper, the new york times obama was unhappy with the story not the fact that the russians but the timing so close to the cheeseburger summit. i found that bizarre. >> is there a por
,000 u.s. combat troops will remain in iraq. >>> another prominent conservative once michael steele to resign as national committee chairman. he is coming under fire for comment about afghanistan. liz cheney called the remarks deeply disappointing and wrong. at a fund-raiser in connecticut thursday, the former maryland lt. governor called the war in afghanistan "a war of obama's choosing." and suggested it might be unwinnable. >>> coming up, passengers forced to evacuate a boat after it runs aground. plus efforts to clean up in the gulf of mexico. and a final tribute to fallen heroes. >> for information on services for oldeadults, the eldercare locator can help! >> i havlived in my house for 40 years and want to stay in my community. having someone help me with transportation makes that possible. >> the eldercare locator can put you in touch with loc resources to help older persons find home and mmunity based services. call 1.800.677.1116 or visit eldercare.gov today! the eldercare locator is a free public service of the u.s. administration on aging. >>> the man accused of killing
. was that your experience? >> i think the feel something that they historically have relied on the u.s. and the europeans to buy all of their stuff. they look at us now and they say they are not going to be able do that any more. they are not going to buy all that stuff we need to decouple first politically. it doesn't matter what issue dalai lama, environment, cyber security, industrial espionage, climate change. anything you look at the u.s.-china relationship today is worse than it was two years ago that will continue. >> sean: i agree it will continue. it is like they meet with the obama administration, we're apologizing for america's human rights record when they have the most abysmal in the world. what do you mean by state capitalism? >> a system where the state is the principle actor in the economy and they use the market for ultimately political purposes there. is no rule of law. if you are facing a state capitalist system as an american company you are trying to invest and they find they don't like you, you get googled out. we've had one war this year between a state and corpo
something that they historically have relied on the u.s. and the europeans to buy all of their stuff. they look at us now and they say they are not going to be able do that any more. they are not going to buy all that stuff we need to decouple first politically. it doesn't matter what issue dalai lama, environment, cyber security, industrial espionage, climate change. anything you look at the u.s.-china relationship today is worse than it was two years ago that will continue. >> sean: i agree it will continue. it is like they meet with the obama administration, we're apologizing for america's human rights record when they have the most abysmal in the world. what do you mean by state capitalism? >> a system where the state is the principle actor in the economy and they use the market for ultimately political purposes there. is no rule of law. if you are facing a state capitalist system as an american company you are trying to invest and they find they don't like you, you get googled out. we've had one war this year between a state and corporation, china one, google zero. >> sean: grea
petraeus commenting publicly for the very first time since being confirmed as the new commander of u.s. and nato forces, in afghanistan. at a fourth of july ceremony today at the u.s. embassy in kabul, he called for unity of efforts between civilian, military, afghan and international forces. he officially assumes command tomorrow, replacing general mcchrystal, who stepped down after being quoted in a controversial magazine article them. government handing out nearly $2 billion for new solar plants, the president making the announcement in his week lie radio address. -- weekly radio address saying the investment in renewable energy will keep the u.s. competitive and create 2,000 construction jobs and 1500 permanent jobs. i'm jamie colby, we send you back to bulls and bears, right now, only, on the fox news channel, keep it right here! >> $19 billion bank tax, out. $11 billion t.a.r.p. tapping, in. >> if we did this in a private sector action we'd all be in jail. this is fraud on the american taxpayer. that is clear and simple. >> lawmakers planning to dip into the bank bailout fund to
in the president's budget. so that was kind of a head fake at the g-20 for the u.s. it is what happens in the next ten years and how difficult it is for the president to ask for more domestic spending saying i'm cutting things longer term. this is a tricky line to watch. thank you both so much. talk about power steering, why electric cars and affordable cars could mean no more gas stations for you. >>> car maker testla went on the market this week. it is the first american ipo maker since ford in 1976. testla is about to have competition with nissan and chevy rolling out models this fall. cnn alison's cassa investigates. >> it is running. >> reporter: silent on start-up. they are soon to be at a dealer near you. electric cars. add executive, mark fabel, couldn't resist. >> reporter: what made you buy it? >> it is fun to drive. it is extremely fast. the fastest car i've ever driven. >> reporter: with a list price of over $100,000 the tesla is beyond reach for most. if more drivers go from the pump to the plug, will power grids withstand the energy drain? >> if you buy an electric vehicle and so
who will lead the government. a crucial deadline is looming. nearly 30,000 u.s. troops are scheduled to leave iraq by the end of august. >>> the general credited with turning around the war in iraq is calling for unity. general david petraeus made it clear today insisting, quote, cooperation is not optional. he added, your success is our success. petraeus arrived in kabul friday after a swift confirmation to his new post by the senate. he has his work cut out for him, as we know. june was the deadliest month for coalition troops since the war began. >>> there is more fallout from the interview that brought down the general that petraeus replaced. there are new rules now. robert gibbs say it is pentagon has to oak akay any dealings ben military officials and reporters saying there won't be an iron curtain. gates told his staff the press isn't the enemy. mcchrystal's interview with "rolling stone" stunned top brass at the pentagon. >>> republican national committee chairman michael steele under attack. some are calling for his resignation because of a comment this week on the afghanist
administration wants to broad iraqi leaders out of the political paralysis that is threatening the u.s. timeline for pulling out troops. >> in one sense it looks like the most difficult, but this is local politics. this is not a lot of difference than any other government. >> the vice-president met up with republican senators john mccain and independent joe lieberman of connecticut. they were already in iraq on a fact-finding mission. the facts are not all that encouraging. the iraqis are still struggling to build a coalition government four months after election. they hope to end combat missions by the end of next month. vice president biden says he is still optimistic but he is there to learn what is possible. >> i am here for them to brief me on where they think things are at the moment. >> a moment that is critical. >> there are still planning to drop troop levels from 82,000 to 50,000 by september 1st. myanmar, nbc news, washington. -- brian moore, nbc news. >> another recall for toyota. it's scary moment for a vote in new england when the entire ship is evacuated. here's a look at some fes
for the white house council of economic advisers. prior to that, he was the chief economist for the u.s. department of coerce. dr. hall also spent 10 years at the united states international trade commission. thank you for your public service. we look forward to your testimony. >> thank you, madam chair. thank you for the opportunity to discuss the employment and unemployment data we released this morning. non-farm employment fell by up 125,000 in june, and the unemployment rate edged down to 915%. the larger employment reflects a fall in the number of the number of jobs in the private sector is up. private-sector employment has risen by 593,000 so far in 2010. in june it was 9.7 below its previous session level. federal government employment decline shortly. the number of temporary census workers dropped by 225,000, leaving 339,000 temporary workers on the census peril. in the private sector, temporary help services employment continued to grow over the month. the industry has added 379,000 jobs since september 2009. employment also rose in management and technical consulting and busin
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